Sport Specific Training
CompuTrainer is the only training system capable of the detailed sensitivity required to replicate true road-feel. The load  generator can change resistance to mirror the natural torque fluctuations a rider experiences each time they pedal. Even wind Drag Factor is adjustable in order to ensure that you feel like you’re riding outdoors. And with advanced software algorithms for creating a true electronic inertial effect, the resistance you feel when you pedal on a CompuTrainer is the same as when you’re on the road.

Dynamic Drag Factor
CompuTrainer's exclusive adjustable Drag Factor feature improves your workout by recreating the exact resistance you feel on the road. We can also fine tune your Drag Factor to help prepare you for specific events and can help predict race day performance.

Yarmouth (Power Zone) Location & Hours

484 Station Ave., Yarmouth, MA


(in the Stop & Shop Plaza)

Monday : 10am - 5pm

Tuesday : 10am - 5pm

Wednesday: 10am - 5pm

Thur., Fri. & Sat.:  10am - 5pm

Sunday:  11am - 4pm

this location reservations by phone only

Hyannis Location & Hours

323 Barnstable Rd., Hyannis, MA


Monday: 10am - 6pm

Tuesday: 10am - 5:30pm

Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Power Zone Indoor Riding Center

We have installed the state of the art RacerMate CompuTrainer Multirider System,  at our location in Yarmouth – which we call the "Power Zone".  The CompuTrainer system provides a uniquely effective way to train indoors and enhance your fitness in the most realistic way possible. 
With the CompuTrainer system, you use your own bike on our trainers and the program provides all the resistance changes to simulate hills or whatever challenges the course or workout offers. To celebrate the launch of the Power Zone,  we are offering our 1 hour training session for just $15 per session (normally $25 per session), through January 2017.  Please check our booking calendar for space availability at bottom of this page. Each training session is limited to 6 riders.

North Falmouth Location & Hours*

13 County  Rd., N. Falmouth, MA


Monday 9am - 6pm​

Tuesday 9am - 6pm

​Wednesday 9am - 6pm

Thursday 9am - 6pm

Friday 9am -  6pm

Saturday 9am - 6pm

Sunday 9am - 5pm

this location reservations by phone only

Spin Scan
The CompuTrainer SpinScan is a tool for biofeedback, allowing the rider to visually see pedaling technique and tailor it according to their training goals. Any changes made to hardware and pedaling smoothness are instantly shown in real time, and are demonstrated by higher wattages or lower heart rates. One of the benefits is  a full-leg work out that helps build underutilized muscles in the riders leg, all of which can help increase your competitive edge in a race.